In Hotel Sabocos we like bikes and we do our best to help our cycling guests.


Travelling with your bike will no longer be a problem: Bikefriendly is a seal of quality of lodgings with exclusive areas and services free of charge for touring cyclists.

Travel with your bike and worry only about pedaling!

At Bikefriendly we want you to fully enjoy your bike routes and this is why we want to remind you come tips to take into account in order to pedal safely:

  • Your security in the most important thing. Do not ride your bike without a helmet... Ah! And remember to bring your mobile phone with you if you travel alone.
  • Keep your bike and the rest of the equipment always in perfect conditions.
  • Try to be self-sufficient to solve any possible contingency on route. To do so, do not forget to bring tools and spare parts as well as foodstuff, appropriate clothes, a basic first-aid kit, some money and your personal documents.
  • Yield the right of way to other users. The base of coexistence between cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Do not use earphones, in that way you can enjoy the sounds of nature and notice any possible danger.
  • Be extremely respectful with environment. Do not contaminate it by throwing garbage or disturbing the silence of the mountain. Try not to get out of the paths, routes and tracks.
  • Try not to exceed the limits of your physical condition. Rest even if you do not feel tired. Eat and drink while on route or during the stops and stretch your muscles, above all, when you finish the route. It will help you avoid muscular problems and be recovered much faster.

Remember that there are basic materials and spare parts in the hotel which you may need to carry through with your cycling journey safely. You can ask for the following at the reception desk: brake and gearbox towlines, spare inner tubes, anti-puncture kits, lubricant and degreaser.

There is a room for bikes in the hotel where you can keep your bike safe, as well as use different tools to make basic repairs.

There is also a bike high-pressure washing service where you can clean your bike and make it look new after a hard day.


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